Smart Pole

Smart Pole

Smarter cities choose aluminium smart poles

Are you a city planner working to create smarter and greener cites by optimizing infrastructure and energy?

Intelligent light poles can increase urban efficiency while reducing energy costs. Intelligent, or multifunctional light poles, can help solve many urban problems due to their ability to incorporate software controls, electronics and sensors that can receive and transmit data.They can improve parking and traffic management through real-time data, leading to a reduction in congestion and emissions. Intelligent poles can also monitor air quality, detect and notify officials about street flooding or be turned into charging stations for electric vehicles.

The smart poles have been designed from conception with modular multi-functional components. There is no limit to the potential features and functions that can be integrated into the intelligent light poles. They can easily retrofit a myriad of new and evolving technologies and devices as they become available.

Your manufacturer of multi-functional poles

You can choose to attach different elements to the pole, such as:

Traffic lights
Street signage
Power outlet fittings
Festive decoration
Security equipment
WiFi connections

The smart pole system is patented, modular and flexible. The pole itself is made with marine-grade aluminium, assuring longevity in all environments. It is fully recyclable.